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Call of the Seabound Coasts to Emily of New Moon Theme

The waves crash against the rocks
The sea moves with the tide
The white sand meets red cliffs
This is my home

My heart is in the sea
My eyes search for the rolling hills
My skin longs for the salty sea air
My lungs wish to take in the air of the harbour

As I look to the East
My heart calls for home
When I see red in the morning
I heed the sailor's warning

When I swim in the pool
I am at home in the water
When I see fish when I shop
I remember how fresh they used to taste

I miss the harbour and sea bound coast of Halifax
I yearn for the Sand Dunes of Cavendish and Stanhope
I am drawn to the dark and dreary mountains of Nova Scotia
I long for the red cliffs of Prince Edward Island

When can I come to you again?
When can I see you again?
Will you heave a sigh and wish for me, Nova Scotia
I will return to you again, my Island
This is my answer to :iconlove-4-dark-poetry:'s prompt Write to a song that is moving to you. It's a poem to the song Emily of New Moon Theme. Also some of the lines in it were taken from the lyrics to the song Farewell to Nova Scotia,, which can be found at these links- [link] and [link]

It's about me missing my home province of Prince Edward Island and my other favourite province, Nova Scotia. Hopefully I will be in Nova Scotia to start my Master's next year.
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March 6, 2012
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