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Flames of Old Chapter 6
Author: vadess40
Game: SWTOR, with hints of KOTOR
Characters: Sith Warrior x3, Sith Inquisitor
Disclaimer: SWTOR, KOTOR [c] Bioware, LucasArts; Viile/Dunamis [c]darthgamer96, used with permission

I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that such a theft could happen in my own household... and the potion, of all things! Hopefully the security footage can reveal the culprit. Hmmm... No. No, it's not possible... She will pay for robbing from me. She. Will. PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revan was on one of Ilum's battlefields fighting loyalist Imperial forces. Revan, Waack, Unsunghatred, and Ilaseer defeated strike force after strike force that the Empire sent their way. On other sides of the fortress, Fatalbert and Eissakael joined Durgoth and Surn in repelling other strike forces the Empire sent. Revan never felt so alive in battle before, it was difficult to keep herself balanced, and the dark side in check.

In the middle of one of the fights, she sensed a disturbance in the force. At first she tried to ignore it as another strike team proved to be no match for her own, but it was too intrusive. It was coming across the bond her and Chalcenia shared. It was so definitive, pervasive, and painful that Revan was unsure whether or not she was going be sick or would faint due to the intense pain travelling from Chalcenia's end to hers. Ilaseer was the first to notice Revan was about to topple over and shouted, "Waack, get her out of here! Icatchesu and Iannaja can join us in her stead!"

Waack quickly helped Revan run towards the bunker. He asked, "What's going on?"

Revan took laboured breaths and said, "My love is in trouble. I must help her..."

Waack nodded and tried to pick up the pace. When they reached the main fortress, they were greeted by Sin'ister who said, "Revan, thank the force! Your lifemate has been trying to reach you."

Revan quickly ran to the communications room to be greeted by Chalcenia, who was covered in injuries and spoke in a voice that was barely a whisper, "My love, I muusssttt warn yoouuu..."

"Shh, my darling," Revan said, "you need to get help or..."

Chalcenia shook her head, "No, noooo.... He did tttthhisss, and he's co-"

Revan shouted, "Wh- Where did she go? Get her back on the comm right now!"

Waack shook his head, "The communications tower got destroyed."

Revan replied, "Is there a way to trace where she was calling us from?"

Sin'ister said, "Lady Revan, there is a way to contact her. There is a secondary command centre and its communication's tower is still intact. However, it will involve going through the most heavy contested areas."

"Rev," Waack spoke, "I cannot recommend risking our lives for the fate of one woman."

Revan nodded, "I agree, there is too much to lose if we all went. What if I just went alone?"

Sin'ister spoke, "No, master, you are too much of a target. I will go."

"I'll go with him," a voice spoke up. It was Surn. "I can give him cover fire."

Revan replied, "Very well, go! However, should the fighting get too intense, I want you both to retreat immediately."

They both bowed and ran out of the room. Revan sat down in a chair with her face in her palms.  Waack placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "She'll be alright, Revan. She's a strong warrior and is more than capable of fighting off any force that comes her way."

Revan sighed, "I know... I know... I just can't understand why someone would've done this to her... Was there an attack on the Dulovic estate? That was where she should've been last."

Waack was about to speak before an explosion rocked the area. "No time to discuss this now," he shouted, "We must go join the battle!"

Chalcenia crawled to a dark corner in order to meditate and heal herself quickly. The attack came out of nowhere, and for no reason. Dunamis simply lost his mind and viciously assaulted her with everything he had: lightsabre, body armour, teeth- everything!  A brief glance around after he was done revealed that she was not his only victim. Thankfully, his children were all out training that day; the majority of his servants were not so lucky.

After the beating, but before he left, he said, "Now Revan understands that to steal from me is to be made to suffer!"

She had to get in touch with her love again. Dunamis was on a rampage and was no doubt on his way to Ilum... She got up and was about to try and reach Serea on Ilum again. Her communicator beat her to it as Surn and Sin'ister reached the other communications array safely. Surn asked, "Chalcenia, what the hell happened?"

Chalcenia replied, "It's your father! He attacked me for no reason and is coming to get revenge on Revan for something she didn't do. There's no time, you've got to warn her!"

Surn nodded, "Understood," and then ended the transmission.

Chalcenia turned and ran towards the Korriban spaceport. She quickly boarded the nearest shuttle to the fleet. Hopefully there will be a pilot there who can fly me to Ilum, she thought to herself as the ship left the planet.

Revan regained consciousness from the latest blast. That fire came from above, not the people on the ground..., she thought to herself as she looked around to see who was firing at them. A Fury class ship? Who would...?

The answer came when a masked warrior charged at her with lightsabre drawn.  Thankfully, Revan immediately  blocked the attack with her own weapon and pushed the assailant back.  Revan didn't charge to her attacker but remained in a defensive posture. Her attacker spoke, "Where is it? I know you have it!"

Revan answered, "I don't understand; I haven't taken anything."

"Serea!" Surn was running towards her, "Chal's attacker was-"

The attacker shoved Surn with the force against the wall whilst sadistically saying, "Be silent, my worthless offspring, or I shall make your death more painful than Chalcenia's."

Revan dropped her jaw, "Dunamis... why?"

Dunamis, enraged, cut her off, "SILENCE! I don't owe you any explanations. I want the vial that you stole from me!"

Revan tried to remain calm, "What are you talking about? I've been here with our other allies trying to-"

Dunamis shouted, "LIAR!!! I saw the security recordings. You and your lover plotted against me and stole from me both over half of my fortune and the immortality potion. Now, I will destroy you and reclaim what is mine!"

As Dunamis advanced, Revan readied herself for an attack... that didn't come. Fatalbert shot a laser that hit a softer part of Dunamis' armour. Whilst the injury was nothing, it was still enough of a distraction for Revan to jump out of the way.  "Fatal," she said, "Run!"

Fatalbert replied, "No, I will not abandon you to the likes of this traitor," while still firing at Dunamis, who used the force to render himself invisible to all shots.

Revan shook her head and said, "Listen, he's running on the dark side right now with more hatred then I've seen in a life time. Quickly, my friend, run!"

Before he could, Dunamis knocked down the platform was standing on. Ilaseer arrived just in time to see and used the force to break Fatal's fall. Dunamis ripped off the helmet in order to look Revan in the eye. "You are trying to save yourself with fancy tricks, Revan! Are you above meeting death with honour?"

Revan spun on her attacker and shouted, "Don't threaten to kill me and my wife and then talk to me about honour. In case you've forgotten, I've done things no one else would've. I protected you from and helped you kill your father, helped you discover your long lost son, and even helped you flush out the enemies to your estate. Not to mention I let you steal that immortality potion from me... And you thank me with this?"

Dunamis shook his head, "The only thing you did was try to steal everything I have through manipulation. And for that, you will die." With that he ignited his saber and prepared to resume his assault.

It was then she felt her 300 year old darkness bubbling to the surface. It came up and pushed the light within her aside as if it was nothing.  Dunamis was no longer fighting Serea Apostolia but Darth Revan, a Dark Lord of the Sith who cried out for vengeance! Revan charged at him with the force of the dark side propelling her towards her prey. Dunamis, however, was equally as strong and parried the attack. He assaulted her with his lightsabre and pushed her back a few meters before she pushed him back and then charged at him again. This charge was interrupted by Dunamis' force choke. He heard her wind pipe crack, assuming the victory was his. Unfortunately, Revan immediately healed because of the potion she took 300 years ago that rendered all injuries healed within minutes.

Adnis watched the fight from a distance. She smiled as she saw the two Sith Lords battle with the full might of the dark side pouring through their veins. Quietly, she used her senses to absorb the bits of darkness that were leaking out as their attacks grew more and more violent.

Revan and Dunamis viciously  fought each other for 30minutes. Their lightsabres cut through their armour and hurled objects with the force at one another. They were using the dark side so heavily, that their appearances became twisted and contorted. The only time Revan looked as such was when she was on the Temple of the Unknown World during the Jedi Civil War. They suffered many injuries, but were able to keep fighting thanks to their forces powers.

Unfortunately, Dunamis was starting wane as only Revan had the ability for wounds to instantly heal. Revan decided it was time for her to He used sundering assault, a common juggernaut technique, through her armour and injures her sword arm. Revan cried out in pain and quickly switched sword hands to impale him in the shoulder. Dunamis stepped back in order to regain his balance. Revan used the force to push him into the electrical polls surrounding the base. Dunamis was able to endure the hit through the force, but only just as his armour took quite a beating.

It was then Chalcenia arrived. She arrived along with Tyvek. She was in shock to see both Dunamis and Revan fully immersed in the dark side. She watched in horror as Revan pushed her victim back again into the cement block again and again and again. With each slam against the wall, pieces of Dunamis' armour stabbed into him and he began to bleed heavily, as well as cough up blood.

Revan grinned at him sadistically, "I'll enjoy silencing this useless, pathetic waste that kneels before me!"

Dunamis spoke in a laboured voice, "I... will... never... kneel before anyone, especially... you!"

Revan replied, "Shut up! Just SHUT UP!!! I will make you suffer for being no more than a thorn in my side. It disgusts me that we breathe the same air, never mind that I actually let this fool live instead of throwing him to the dogs on Korriban."

"Who's the more foolish," Dunamis asked, "the fool or the fool who let him live?"

Chalcenia ran towards her mate, who had risen her lightsaber to deal the death blow. "No, Revan! Don't do it! Don't become what you used to be!!!"

Tyvek shouted behind her, "She's right, Serea! If you strike Dunamis down, you are no better than him!!"

"I disagree, Revan," Eissakael shouted from the top of her platform. "He deserves to die for betraying you and your wife."

Unsunghatred joined in the debate, "I concur. Strike him down in a way that ensures the most suffering! Only, do it quickly as we wouldn't want him to succumbs to his injuries."

Dunamis retorted, "How... dare... you... mock.. me... No... mere... injuries... can... end ... me... I... am... SITH!"

Revan whirled and kneed him in the stomach, "You are not Sith, but a rotting corpse," and then sliced her lightsaber across his chest.

As his lifeless body fell, she stormed towards her ship. Upon arriving, she glanced at her reflection briefly to see a woman whose face had been twisted and contorted by the darkside. It was then she realized what she had become. Wh-What have I done? I've become a monster... She broke down in sobs.

Back on Ilum everyone had mixed reactions over the course of events. Surn pulled out a comlink saying, "Well, some of my siblings will be having a party today."

Eissakael turned to Ilaseer and said, "I always knew Revan was a woman of action under all that professionalism."

Ilaseer nodded in agreement, "Now remains the question: Who will get his job in our organization?"

They all laughed as they turned to go. Fatalbert said, "Lets return to the Empire. Why waste time helping out this traitor?"

Unsunghatred asked, "What shall we do about his corpse?"

Icatchesu replied, "Easy. Say he died in helping us defend the Empire. He might be hailed as a hero, but at least we'll get a bonus and not lose his household as an ally. As for the corpse... Eh, it got blown up."

Eissakael said, "I think that's a fabulous idea. Come, Fatal, lets re-work the security comms to reflect our version of things."

They all turned to go and prepared to make every thing work out in their favour, save Tyvek and Chalcenia. Chalcenia couldn't help but cry at what she just saw. "The love of my life undid everything we built in and through her over the past 300 years... What will we do?"  

Tyvek gave her a comforting hug and then said, "Let the others have their cover up story. Come on, let's attach your ship to mine so we can travel around and let Serea pull herself together."

Chalcenia and Tyvek left on board their ships and headed to anywhere in space. That left one other who remained discreet throughout this ordeal. Adnis, truly pleased with Dunamis death, approached the corpse. "Well, well, well... Look who is still alive."

Dunamis groaned and squinted a bit the Sith Acolyte standing above him. He said in a voice quieter than a whisper, "Who?"

The acoylte ripped off her hood to reveal a scarred Twi'lek with a neck brace and Sith tattoos. "I'm your lost love turned worst nightmare!"

Whatever she said or did afterwards is a mystery, for Dunamis slipped out of consciousness into darkness once again.
I'd like to dedicate this chapter to my friend, :iconthnxs4thevenom:/~thnxs4thevenom for making those beautiful pictures of Serea and always encouraging her to let her darkside out!!!

Synopsis: 300 years after the death of Darth Malak and the Jedi Civil War, Serea Apostolia/Darth Revan must now live as a citizen and warrior for the Sith Empire. As she carries the Empire forward, flames from the past threaten to destroy what her allies and herself worked hard to build...

This takes place at the end of the Warrior storyline and includes many other elements of the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, so BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

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SWTOR, Darth Malgus,and Alderaan civil war war zone [c] LucasArts, Bioware
Serea and Chalcenia [c] ~vadess40
Darth Dunamis Dulovic, Surn, Durgoth and Adnis [c] ~Darthgamer96
Cover Art [c] ~Darthgamer96with edits by ~vadess40
Tyvek [c] ~flagninja
Eissakael, Iannaja [c] Kass
Fatalbert, Unsunghatred [c] Troy
Waack, Sin'ister [c] Tyler
Ilaseer, Icatchesu [c] Jamie
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